That moment when your baby falls asleep in your arms and you can keep looking at him forever.. Keep touching his little cheeks so gently, watching his perfect little face and listening to the tiniest little breaths. Everything else can wait... You just want to stay here, in this moment of complete peace and harmony, forever. 

Whatever the years may bring, you want to always remember him just like this.  A warm, tiny snuggled up baby, all yours, sleeping soundly in your arms. This moment, this feeling, this memory is your most treasured possession. This memory is what I want to preserve for you. The image of him, sleeping all curled up, is your return ticket to this moment of absolute happiness.

One day, when he’s all grown up, and facing life’s choices, he will come across this baby portrait. A brand new human being so perfect, so pure, so full of big dreams. It will remind him of the big, raw, endless love that brought him into this world and carried him through the years. It will remind him of his purpose, of his deep family connections, of his big dreams and joys of life. It will inspire him to go for those big dreams. To think beyond fears and limitations. To keep enjoying this exciting journey and keep treasuring what’s most important in life - his loving family.

.  .  .

There is so much more than just the baby on the photo. So many stories, experiences, hopes and dreams of her family’s generations. So much joy of life in her little five day old soul. I want to pour those dreams and stories into the portraits that your family will cherish and pass on for generations.

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My name is Nadia. When my first baby girl was born, I realized how important it is to me to preserve the moments and memories of her first days and months of life. She grew so fast that every month I would look at her younger photos and couldn't believe how much she's changed.. I picked up the camera and started creating our family keepsakes. Now with my second baby, six months old at this moment, I am so happy to be able to 'save' all the happy moments and go back to relive them at any time. In our all-digital world, it makes me so happy to hold a printed photo, to put family stories in an album, to smile back at a wall portrait when I wake up. These printed pieces hold our love and family connections, and I feel lucky to be able to see and capture the special moments.

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